Which Vitamins For Hair Growth You Need?

Which Vitamins For Hair Growth You Need?

If you’re like most people seeking long, stylish hair, you may be wondering which vitamins can grow your hair faster and how.  There are several different types of vitamins that can help you get the results you desire, and each work in a different way.  Analyzing your hairs strengths and weaknesses will help you choose which vitamin you should take to help grow your hair out.

Iron and Zinc

Supplementing your diet with vitamins containing iron and zinc will help no matter what hair problems you may have.  Iron is vital for transferring oxygen to cells throughout your body, including hair follicles.  Get your hair-producing cells working their hardest by giving them plenty of iron.  You can get iron from the foods you eat, especially those high in protein.

Zinc works to help your body repair damage to cells, including hair cells.  It also keeps the oil glands around your hair follicles in peak shape, helping to promote ways to grow hair faster and healthier, beautiful hair.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C should be one of your first picks when looking for which vitamins can grow your hair faster and how.  Not only is it easy to obtain, it goes a long way to promoting healthy growth of hair.  Vitamin C is necessary for producing collagen, an important part of your hair. You can get your daily dose of vitamin C form a multi-vitamin or from foods you eat and drink, such as orange juice or pineapple.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins don’t really aid the growth of new hair, but they help prevent the loss of old hair.  Deficiencies of vitamin B have been shown to cause hair loss and breakage, so be sure you have enough of the important vitamin in your diet.


While the above supplements are superior to taking multi-vitamins, and while each vitamin plays a different role in hair growth, taking a multi-vitamin can often be a very beneficial tactic.  Multi-vitamins address a range of dietary needs and can fill in gaps in your nutrition that you didn’t even know existed.  Of course, supplementing with vitamins can only go so far.  You need to be sure to eat a balanced diet and rule out any medical illnesses with your doctor if you can’t seem to achieve the hair growth you desire.

Recommended Supplements

There are very few very popular hair growth vitamin supplements available which actually seem to work. Here is a list of the only products we can safely recommended have all the necessary hair growth vitamins plus a lot of other important (purely natural) ingredients. Most of the other products on the market right now either do no work or also contain chemicals.


Knowing which vitamins can grow your hair faster and how is powerful information.  Take this knowledge and go to the store to find a brand of vitamin that works for you.  If you dislike taking pills, sometimes powders, gummies or other types of supplements are  available to help meet your nutritional needs.  Carefully consider all of your options before making a decision.