Pros and cons of a hair transplant

Pros and cons of a hair transplant

Hair plugs and hair transplants are nothing new. These methods of fighting receding hairlines and male pattern baldness have been around for quite some time. They remain viable options for many guys looking to arrest their hair loss. Due to the rise of other hair loss treatments like topical sprays and oral medication, hair transplants have declined in popularity recently. Still, they are viable options for guys looking to fight baldness who have tried other solutions and failed. Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of a hair transplant.



  • Instant results. The biggest advantage to hair transplantation and hair plug surgery is that they produce instant results. You get hair in areas of your head that didn’t have hair before. Compare this with other hair loss treatments like minoxidil. You can be spraying for several months and have little to show for it. Alternatively, minoxidil might work for you but it takes several months to kick in. The same goes with Propecia. It might take months for Propecia to show any results. In fact, depending on your tolerance level for Propecia, it might not show any results at all.
  • You control the results. You control how much hair to move from one place to another. You don’t get this control with Propecia or minoxidil. The amount of hair you get might be completely random.



  • Hair transplantation is surgery. You will be going under the knife if you use this hair loss treatment option. Just like with other surgery, there will be anesthesia involved as well as the risk of infection. Moreover, there can also be pain involved once the anesthesia wears off.
  • You might be facing a losing war. Sure, getting hair plugs and transplants can produce instant results. The problem is that your male pattern baldness is still happening with the rest of your head.
  • As a result, your newly transplanted patch might look quite unnatural as the other areas around it continue to thin. In fact, in many occasions, only the transplanted patch is left while the rest of the surrounding area has gone completely bald. This might result in some very weird-looking hair patterns.