How to Prevent and What Causes Split Ends

How to Prevent and What Causes Split Ends

Split ends give you an awful look. There are several reasons for getting split ends and while there are no easy remedies to fix them once you have them there are a few ways in which you can repair them and even prevent them from ever occurring in the first place.

Not Easy to Repair

Split ends are hard to repair. The 100% effective road to lose them is by cutting. You can prevent them from coming back by cutting the hair every 6 weeks or so. Don’t neglect split ends if you discover them! If you ignore them, the more shaft of the hair will split. The end of that story is that a rather drastic haircut has become inevitable to get the hair healthy again, with possibly dramatic consequences for you and your looks.
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Various Products

There is a certain combination of ingredients that can repair or prevent split ends and close them up and provide a protective layer. After a treatment with these ingredients split ends will be less visible until in the end no split ends will be visible at all. One of the only interesting hair repair/growth products on the market that we can safely recommend is Har Vokse since it’s one of the few 100% natural products that has been shown to also actually work.

The Best Solution

The original and best solution to split ends is to ensure that you do not get any. The hair of one person will split faster as that of another. However, it’s a well known fact that dry hair splits faster. Not just the hair type contributes to this susceptibility. The way you maintain the condition of your hair is of high importance.

Too Much Brushing

Too much brushing of the hair is one of the causes of split ends, but also the excessive back combing of the hair is a cause, because it disrupts the epidermis. The most important cause is brushing the hair while it is still wet, because wet hair can stretch up to twenty-five percent.

Coloring of The Hair

Coloring of the hair makes the condition of the hair worse. You should take care of your hair with hair health products if you color your hair often.

Heated Appliances

Heated appliances dry the hair with the result that they eventually split. Use these devices as less as possible. And if you must use, protect your sweet hair with a good hair care product.

Rubbing With a Towel

Rubbing your hair with a towel is the worst when it comes to avoiding split ends. It is better to comb the hair dry. Avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands and many fancy hair accessories will also cause damage to the hair. Avoid the use of certain uncovered rubber bands because they, when they are removed again, often pull out hairs. Other types of hair accessories can damage the hair as well.

The Health of Your Hair – Add Healthy Fats To Diet

And certainly it is no less important to understand that your health affects your hair.  A low-fat diet will also make the hair dull and ugly. If you haven’t already, add healthy fats like olive oil or fish oil to your diet. These healthy fats are good for your entire body and also for the health of your hair.

  • charlotte.quevedo

    Question, do you think it can help prevent split ends to trim your hair every six weeks even if the ends are healthy and do not need a trim? Or is that bad for your healthy ends? Thanks

  • Becky

    If you trim them it will help you hair grow so that’s a plus

  • Sk8erconz

    If your ends are healthy, do not trim your hair unless you want the same length. It is a myth to cut your hair every six weeks and it will grow faster. Unless your hair grows like two inches in one month and you can afford to trim half an inch to an inch then go for it but itwwould still be faster if you don’t cut it unless it has split ends or is damaged in any way.

  • charlotte.quevedo

    I understand about the myths. What I mean is iftrimming can actually help healthy ends stay healthy? My hair does grow fast but I would rather grow it slower because I get split ends. Is it good to trim ends that are not split for healthy hair purposes (not for length)?

  • Deedee

    If I notice a split end in my hair I tear it out with my fingers… is this a good thing to do? I also don’t really have a routine with it… and use different shampoos every time one runs out. What should I do?

  • wow

    wow. most negative tone I’ve ever heard in an article

  • Tina Fay

    I keep cutting the split ends and they keep coming back everytime I wash my hair. What do I do? I’m gonna end up bald.

  • Egg White

    Im actually not for sure if it does or not but thats what i do and i am now seeing more split ends!

  • Egg White

    I straighten my hair everyday is that bad?

  • Xaos Slash

    I have quite thin hair and I don’t do any of the things listed above yet I still get split ends? I think it might be because of my diet so what (type of) food do you recommend I eat?

  • I don’t get the same thing over and over either! But, I also prepare to get a better once each time. I only buy my hair products from Mother’s Market or Sprouts now. So my hair eats vegan

  • Aleena

    trimming won’t really make a difference, expect keep your ends healthy. Message your scalp (everyday if possible for two to three minutes) this will stumilate blood and cause your hair to grow faster. Your hair does not grow from your ends, it grows from your scalp

  • Diana Sanchez

    I am really confused because I do not use any heating devices, I do not color my hair, the shampoo I use is natural, I don’t brush my hair often, I use oils such as coconut oil and leave it on for 1 to 2 days. I only wash my hair once a week, I do not use the towel roughly on my hair but I still get split ends… help what am I not doing right?