How to Make your Hair Grow Longer

How to Make your Hair Grow Longer

Learning how to grow your hair longer is easier than you may think. The trick to getting long, luxurious movie-star hair is to not let your hair break or fall out. There are several things you can do to prevent hair loss or hair breakage, leading to the long locks you love. Taking a look at each aspect of achieving long, beautiful hair will help you decide which methods are right for your lifestyle. Take a look at your own hair and determine whether hair loss or hair breakage is your greatest problem, then read the appropriate section of the following article.

Hair Loss – Men vs. Women

Hair loss can happen for a variety of different reasons. In men, hair loss tends to be genetic. This doesn’t mean hair loss can’t be slowed or stopped, but genetic hair loss tends to need more drastic measures than other types of hair loss. For women, hair loss tends to be attributed to health conditions, or fluctuating hormone levels after events like childbirth. Fixing the underlying health problem usually fixes the hair loss for women, though this is not always the case.
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Hair Products

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can find hair loss shampoos and topical products to help combat the troublesome ailment. These shampoos and products work differently for each person, so there’s no way of knowing if it will work for you without trying it. Two popular hair growth products right now are Har Vokse and Viviscal. If shampoos and topical products don’t work, consult with your doctor to see what other options are available. You may be able to get a prescription or be a candidate for hair restoration surgery. Your medical practitioner will help determine whether either of these approaches are right for you.

Hair Breakage

More common than hair loss is hair breakage. When you’re trying to learn how to grow your hair longer there’s nothing more frustrating than having your longest strands break in your hands. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent hair breakage from happening.

First, you can use vitamin supplements to strengthen your hair. Some shampoos are fortified with vitamins and minerals, though generally speaking they are more effective when used internally. Another way to avoid hair breakage is to avoid doing things that can damage your hair. Don’t brush it too often or use harsh styling products or tools. Heat, hair color and certain sprays can all damage your hair and cause it to break. Leave your hair as natural as possible to grow it longer.


Learning how to grow your hair longer is easy. Minimize hair loss and hair breakage and you’ll be left with long, healthy hair that you can be proud of.