Is there Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

Is there Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

During pregnancy so many things in one’s life changes. It brings people together, people are suddenly cousins and in some cases it may even save a life. A pregnancy ensures many changes taking place in a woman’s body. When you look beyond the obvious bigger belly you see changes in other parts of the body as well. The skin and joints change and it makes or breaks the crown of your body … the hair, which can result in post-pregnancy hair loss.

Hormones Associated With Pregnancy

The hormones associated with pregnancy can cause strange changes in a normal body. It often starts before getting a positive pregnancy test done. The influence of hormones is apparent from the moment of conception. When the proper hormones are not present then the body will reject everything, including the fertilized egg.pregnant belly

Prenatal Vitamins

Anyone who has been pregnant and has experienced morning nausea knows that this can indicate when there is a pregnancy at a very early stage. The extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to temperature, smell and appearance of pimples will strengthen the influence of the hormones. People familiar with pregnancy know of all the great prenatal vitamins. Previously there was not much known about prematurity and the number of defects in the baby due to the lifestyle of the mothers. The doctors slowly started to back vitamins that not only were good for the health of the unborn, but that ended up also having a very good effect on the health of mom’s hair and nails.

Dry Hair vs. Thick Hair

Many pregnant women find that their hair is thicker, shinier, richer and more voluminous, and also that their nails grow and become stronger. There are also many that have experienced the other side of the coin. Hair that is dry, or that breaks and falls out are common complaints of pregnant women. The good news is that you do not have to wait until the birth to get back to your “normal” state. The fight against dryness can be entered with an appropriate and well functioning conditioner. The breaks are difficult to avoid, but you can be sure that there are good styling products to cover it up. Hair usually breaks a few inches from the root and then it does not look neat. There are various ways to faster hair growth products on the market as well.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

Then there is the frequent complaint about hair loss. This is usually not during, but after the pregnancy. When my first child was born, he had thick hair, and it got even thicker and grew incredibly fast. Three months after the birth, I noticed that my baby’s hair began to fall out and not only on the rear of the head. Then I noticed that not only her hair fell out, but also mine and not just a little either. All the extra hair that I had gained during the pregnancy and it felt like my hair was thinner than ever, but it was also a huge transition because I now compared it to when I had the extra thick hair. At the time my daughter’s hair began to grow again, my own hair also followed. So if it has happened to you, do not panic, it resolves itself naturally again. And if this happened once, it does not mean that it will occur in all pregnancies as each pregnancy is one in itself.