How to Treat Female Hair Loss

How to Treat Female Hair Loss

If you thought baldness caused embarrassment for men, the effect of balding on women can be outright devastating on an emotional level. Since social stereotypes assume that baldness happen only to men, the stigma of thinning hair and baldness is worse for females. Unlike the typical baldness patterns in men, hair loss in women begins with a thinning crown and thinning hair strands. Women usually detect something is wrong with their hair when their middle part begins to get bigger or their pony tail starts getting shorter and thinner.

Only One Viable Solution
While there are a wide range of products on the market that purportedly treat or cure baldness outright, there is only one solution available to women. While men have oral and topical solutions to choose from, women only have Minoxidil to turn to. Previously known by the brand name of Rogaine, Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved treatment for female pattern baldness. Minoxidil began as a blood pressure medication. During studies of its use as a possible treatment for hypertension, researchers noticed that the oral forms of minoxidil stimulated hair growth in the ears of study participants. Encouraged by this development, researchers formulated a topical version which is sprayed on the scalp. The topical version of minoxidil arrests hair loss by stimulating hair follicles during its growth phase. According to some studies, there are two phases of hair growth. The new phase and the middle or ending phase. Minoxidil stimulates hair growth by spurring the end phase and pumping more blood to the follicles for the new phase of hair growth. This results in weaker or thinner hair being replaced by thicker and stronger hair. Regardless, the exact mechanism behind Minoxidil’s operations on hair cells is not known exactly.
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Minoxidil for Women
There are two FDA-approved doses for Minoxidil: 2% and 5%. Only the 2% formulation has been approved for women. While the 5%, approved for men, solution can produce better results for women, it may trigger the growth of facial hair so this option is often avoided by many women for cosmetic reasons. If you are thinking of using minoxidil to treat your thinning hair, please keep in mind that Minoxidil is most effective for people who just started thinning. Moreover, it is most effective in younger adults.

Hair Follicle Stimulation
Since it is suspected that increased blood flow to hair follicles is the reason for Minoxidil’s effectiveness against hair loss, you can try to replicate this effect using non-pharmaceutical means. You can go the herbal route and use gingko biloba. You can use scalp massages and deep scalp cleansing to boost scalp blood flow. You can even use head blood flow and upside-down yoga stands to boost your head region’s blood flow.

  • A natural tip to reduce hair fall:- Exercise regularly to maintain good blood flow and proper health. This will also help you to prevent certain diseases that can cause hair loss.

  • Norah Dailey

    In most cases, men can easily accept that they are experiencing hair loss, shall we say it is common for them, but for women, it would be a such problem and tragedy. Hair is one best asset for women to have a good appearance that’s why a woman should take good care of her hair as much as possible. Using some hair grower might help in dealing the problem but if we can avoid it at first, the better thing to do.

  • jenna
  • Hairlover7

    Minoxidil just like any drug comes with side effects. Hair that grows from use of minoxidil is fine thin, like baby hair. You still have to use a good hair vitamin to grow strong – new hair is weak, it will break.