How to shampoo your hair

How to shampoo your hair

Every person has a slightly different hair texture than other people. There are slight variations in our hair which we should be mindful of when caring for our hair. Knowing the exact ‘blend’ of our hair texture and type goes a long way in caring for our hair the right way. There is no single perfect way to shampoo hair since variations in hair type and texture must be factored in. Regardless, use the guide below as a base guide but vary it up based on your particular situation and requirements.

Step 1: Wet your hair
At this stage, the key is to get your hair thoroughly wet. Shampoo needs to soak in to produce optimal effect. To ensure this happens, make sure your roots and hair are thoroughly wet. You may need to stand under the shower for quite some time to make sure your hair is wet enough.
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Step 2: Choose the right shampoo
Since you are aware of your hair’s condition, type, and texture, choose the right shampoo for it. Most shampoo lines have special formulations to accommodate a wide range of possible hair types and textures. Pick the formulation that most closely fits your particular hair.

Step 3: Lather in your hand
Place a small amount in the palm of one hand. Rub together with your other palm and let some water mix in. Keep rubbing until you get a lather going.

Step 4: Work into your roots
If you haven’t already done so by this stage, turn off the shower. Rub the shampoo in to the roots of your scalp gently. Start from one section and slowly move your way to all parts of your head. Feel free to give yourself a head massage.

Step 5: Work into the rest of your hair
After you have worked the shampoo into your roots, gently pull your fingers back so you’re pulling the shampoo to the strands of your hair. Once you get to near the end of your hair, push the hair against the lather. Keep repeating until you have worked the shampoo through the strands of your hair.

Step 6: Give the Shampoo time to set
At this stage, many consumers make the mistake of rushing to the rinse stage. If you want your shampoo to medicate your hair or treat it in some way, you have to give it the opportunity to work its magic. Give it several minutes to cleanse your scalp. Some shampoos are medicated. Give them sometime to soothe through the outer layer of your scalp. This is a crucial stage of the shampooing process since this is where the deep cleaning takes place.