How to Scrunch Hair

How to Scrunch Hair

If you have slightly wavy or wavy hair, you can add quite a bit of volume to your hair if you scrunch it. Scrunchy adds a lot of welcome volume and gives an impression of texture to your hair. There are many different hair textures and hair types. Due to this variety, there are many ways to scrunch hair. However, the scrunch method below should provide you with a good start. You can improvise on it to get the exact texture and look you are looking for.

Step 1: Clean and Put Conditioner On Your Hair
Before you scrunch your hair, make sure your scalp and hair are thoroughly clean. Once you’ve finished shampooing and cleaning your hair, smooth your hair by combing it, make sure to take out any tangles, add conditioner to your hair. Make a part in your hair. It doesn’t have to be a straight line. It can be a rough part.
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Step 2: Dry your Hair In Sections Using a Towel
This is important: handle small sections of your hair and press them against a towel. This is the first part of the scrunched look. You can avoid it by drying your hair section by section by squeezing your hair against sections of your towel. If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster, don’t dry your hair, ever. Proceed section by section. Don’t completely dry your hair. Stop when you’ve squeezed enough water out of your hair so it stops dripping.

Step 3: Mousse your hair in sections
Put a small amount of mousse in on both of your hands. Now grab sections of your hair and squeeze. Repeat the process until you have scrunched up all your hair.

Step 4: Apply clips
Hold small sections of your hair and use clips on them to keep them in place. Don’t make them look perfect and neat. Take random sections in random sizes. Remember, you are trying to achieve a ‘messy’ look.

Step 5: Apply Hairspray
With the clips in place, spray your hair with superhold hair spray. This should put buns in your hair.

Step 6: Take off the clips and undo the buns
Remove the clips and undo the buns. You now have scrunched up hair. To make sure your ‘look’ lasts much longer, apply gel on your scrunches. Again, the secret here is to do it in such a way that it looks messy and unplanned. You are not going for a perfect or uniform look.