How To Make Your Hair Thicker and Why

How To Make Your Hair Thicker and Why

Are you dreaming of excessively thick hair? I have a friend, she once had beautiful long and thick hair which hung far down over her back. She confided in me that her hair grew to a certain length and then stopped. If she had not colored it, it would have been exactly as she had it as a baby–soft and delicate.

Hair Styles and Looks

There are various hair styles out there that can give your hair a thicker look. For example, a straight cut like a bob haircut would help give the impression of fuller and thicker hair. There are different types of bob hairstyles to give you girl with thick brow hairmore options when you’re ready. Discuss a bob with your stylist and ask for her opinion. Take a picture with you so they know exactly what you’re talking about. The salon will also feature pictures of hairstyles that you could recommend.

Hair Thickening Products Which Work

Two of the most popular hair thickening products which seem to work for a lot of people are Har Vokse and Viviscal. Both products focus on the health of the hair, which in turn makes the scalp produce thicker and better looking hair.

Examining The Hair

Hair looks like the scales of a fish if put it under a microscope. If you have untreated hair, and I mean if it hasn’t been touched by chemical processes, then the scales are smooth and look cool, as it neatly sits side by side. With huge bleached, colored and permanently wavy hair, the cuticles are intact and open. The color mixture opens up the hair and colors both inside and outside. Getting more volume in your after coloring it is a result of this. Because the scales are so open, the structure appears fuller and thicker. If you have your hair colored then the scales will be blown open and suddenly you have voluminous hair. The mixture of air and heat is capable of blowing up a single hair three times in size. When using a brush while blow drying the hair, it is exactly the same, only now we give some direction to the shaft that we want instead of leaving it to the will of the hair.

Products for Thicker Hair

There are a lot of solid products to get thicker hair or promoting ways to grow hair faster on the market. When you want fake (not really thick but only by looks) thicker and fuller hair, start with a good shampoo and the thickness will literally explode. This shampoo will penetrate inside the scales and make them open up. After this, there are many other things you can do.

Valuable tip: If a good volume shampoo is too expensive for you, use the occasional simple tablet soap with oil component for personal care or castile soap (Spanish soap based on olive oil). Keep in mind that frequent use will eventually dry out the hair. They will both:

  • Remove the remnants of conditioners and hair sprays.
  • Lighten the hair when the coloring was too dark.
  • Add volume to the hair.

I wash my hair at least three times every year with castile soap to remove everything from my hair. Do you recognize that clean feeling? That’s exactly what you get when you use this soap.

Getting That Volume – The Finishing Touch

You can use a “root lifter” after you’ve discovered the right shampoo for you so that you’ll have immediate success because your hair lifts up from the scalp and starts to give you the volume you want. A root lifter does the job and is not very heavy usually. I personally prefer to apply a quality heavy gel onto my hair and blow dry the hair. Once the hair is almost dry, while continuing to blow dry it I spray a volumizing spray on the hair. Doing this will have great benefits. If you’re planning on using a volume product for your hair and want to buy one, please read what the product does carefully. There will always be a manual on it which you should always follow. The pump type of volume spray works really well for the hair. You can also use lotions available that claim to thicken the hair. Try them out just until you find those that meet the expectations for your hair needs.

It is not a good idea for everyone to use the same products. What works for your friend may not necessarily work well for you. Everyone is different.