Hair Tips for Brunettes or Wannabe Brunettes

Hair Tips for Brunettes or Wannabe Brunettes

Blondes have been popular over the last few decades. But who takes their place? Brunettes! Several recent studies show that people often have brunettes in higher regards as women with other hair colors, especially blondes! Although originally most people thought blondes were in higher regards with men, recent studies show that the larger majority of men prefer a brunette over a blonde, especially when it comes to choosing a partner. All the more reason to celebrate your beautiful brown hair with the tips below!

Testing Out If Brown Hair Suits You

Pay a visit to a room where a mirror hangs. Look closely to yourself in the mirror. brunetteEven women with a very pale or extremely dark skin can dye their hair, there’s a brown shade for everyone. Let’s start with the person who has pale skin, which is skin that is barely tanned in the sun. Just think of the opposite. The paler the skin tone, the warmer the brown color may be. I know it does not sound right, but think about the clear contrast.  If you have a light skin tone, and if you try out a light hair color, it will have a faded effect, and you will always look tired. Most of us are very busy and don’t get enough time to spend on our looks, we have nothing to lose by getting the help of a new hair color. Brown might be the answer.

Tips to Try Out

If you have quite a touch tan in the sun, try a lighter brown shade. Again, think of the contrast. If the color of your skin is more olive, try an added honey color or a gloss to add color to the base color, but not darker than medium brown. When you’ve got a dark skin, try to add gold and honey-colored highlights. There are a lot of new hair products for sale that are primarily intended for brunettes, both to use as a base color and to add highlights. There are also special hair color kits (let the grow hair faster products for what they are, which contain both the base and highlighters. These are all home products, and are not expensive, but you may be able to use some help from your girlfriend because unless you’re a contortionist, because it is sometimes difficult to get good results on your own.

Hair Products for Brunettes

There are a lot of great products for sale focused on the hair of brunettes. Now, you may wonder if you have such a beautifully coiffed head why the hell you have to buy another shampoo only because you have a few dark shades in your hair. The reason is simple…. SHINE! Dark hair tends to look duller as light colored hair. This is where these shampoos do their work. They help to smooth out each strand of hair, making it reflect light more and so the hair will shine more. There are also shampoos, which you can buy at your hair stylist, especially made with a special color shine in it. If you want a little red glow over your new haircut try one with a reddish tint in it.

Makeup Seals The Deal

Do not forget to match your face colors to your new hair color. You do not want to be seen with a beautiful, new, dark hair hairstyle and still keep the same eye shadow and rouge. Try to make the colors a bit brighter, instead of a pale pink on the cheeks, some red blush. Not too much, you want it not look like a boxer, the day after the game. Also try to use a darker eye makeup and a new lip color. Come on, jump once onto the band wagon and show your new looks to the world!