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How Fast does your Hair Grow?

How Fast does your Hair Grow?

Anyone who has gotten a haircut that was shorter than expected has wondered, “How fast does your hair grow?”. Hair growth is controlled by several factors and is highly variable from person to person. Your age, gender and overall health all play an important role in determining how fast your hair will grow.

It’s important to note that hair is not actually alive and doesn’t really grow. The hair follicles at the base of the scalp are alive and produce long strands of dead cells called keratin. The only part of the hair that is alive is this keratin-strand producing area at the root of the hair strand. The reason haircuts don’t hurt and that hair doesn’t bleed is because hair is dead.

Hair Growth Differs from Person to Person

While hair growth varies from person to person, the average healthy human grows roughly 1/2 an inch of hair per month. As you age, hair growth tends to slow down. Older persons may only grow 1/4 an inch of hair per month. Genetic factors, environment and hair type can all effect the rate of growth to be slightly more or less than the averages.
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Same Hair Growth Rate for all Hair Types

Straight hair tends to have the fastest perceived growth. In reality, all types of hair grow at the same rate, but straight hair looks to grow the fastest. Imagine two strands of string that are the same length. One strand is straight and one is wrapped around a pencil. The straight piece will look the longest because the curls of the other strand make it appear shorter even though the length of each piece of strings the really the same.

If you feel like your hair isn’t growing as fast as you would like it to or as fast as it should, it’s important to visit with your doctor to rule out medical reasons that could be causing the delay. Stress is the number one outside factor that causes hair growth to slow or stop. Stress can also cause you to lose hair.

Other Factors

Other conditions, such as pregnancy, childbirth and even diabetes can effect the rate of hair growth. Some conditions can be treated medically to restore hair growth, and sometimes adding a simple multi-vitamin can give your body what it needs to produce spectacular locks that you can be proud of.

Now that you have an answer to the question, “How fast does your hair grow?”, you can begin your journey to finding ways to maximize hair growth. Be warned that there are no shampoos or other beauty products that can make your hair grow faster, so be leery of any brand making false claims. Staying healthy is the only way you can make your hair grow, so make changes where need be and watch your hair blossom into the luscious locks you’ve always dreamed about.

Signs of hair loss in men

Signs of hair loss in men

Hair loss strikes men in a wide variety of ways. While there is the typical male pattern baldness, this only applies to a certain percentage of men. Guys have different scalps and hair patterns and it is hard to reduce all hair loss into a few scenarios. If you are concerned about losing your hair, don’t focus on whether your hair loss fits within a pattern. Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. Unless you are extremely unlucky, you don’t wake up one morning and feel like you’re staring at Lex Luthor across your mirror. Usually, hair loss happens gradually. In fact, it can happen so gradually that you might be caught completely unawares. Keep your eye on the following signs of hair loss.

Receding hair line
Keep tabs of your hair line. This is the surest way of knowing whether you are losing your hair. If you hair line recedes, you are losing hair. That’s the bottom line. It is impossible for your hairline to recede without hair loss.
Thinning hair
For some guys, hair loss doesn’t come in the form of a receding hair line. Instead, the overall density of their hair declines. While they still have roughly the same hair line as before, their hair’s density has fallen as the gaps between individual strands of hair continue to get bigger and bigger as their hair falls out. In fact, some of the most unattractive baldness patterns that involve having the same hairline as before but having huge gaps among existing patches of hair.

Growing crown
Another sign that you have a hair loss problem is when you notice that you are losing hair at the crown of your head. This is the hardest to detect hair loss pattern since most guys don’t check the crown of their head. You will have to rely on your friends cluing you in. The good news is that this pattern on hair loss is easier to arrest with proven hair loss treatments like minoxidil or propecia. The secret is to detect the crown loss as early as possible.

Peach fuzz
For a number of guys, hair loss takes a very unusual and frustrating form. Their overall number of hair remains constant. In fact, in some guys, they actually have more hair than before. The problem is that the new hair that replaced dark, broad hair come in the form of peach fuzz. Since this hair is thinner, shorter, and wispy, you still look bald to everyone else.